Capture a true insight on your audience

Put your business on a platform and have your voice heard with an interactive experience that keeps audiences engaged.

Embed On Your Website

We provide you with the code to embed the platform on your domain, making for a more premium user experience and more branding opportunities.

Visually Appealing

Our bespoke designed platforms offer a visual appeal that matches your company's identity. We create a platform that matches your company’s brand whilst keeping the entire experience user-friendly.

Privacy & Security

With a number of privacy and security features such as custom login portals and SSO we ensure your broadcast is only seen by those that need to see it.

Interactive Elements

With live chat available as a standard feature, keeping your audience engaged has never been easier. Add quizzes, polls and more for increased interactivity.

Our Projects

Check out some of the webinar platforms our team has helped to develop.

  • Peroni Liberia

    Aston Martin F1 Launch

  • MediaKind

    Reccuring Event Platform

What do you need to know

Everything you might not know about putting your event to a custom platform.

How many people can watch my webinar at once?
As many or as few as you want! Our platform is scalable in every way.
What data can you provide after the event?
We keep a record of insights, including viewing figures and can provide data in whatever capacity you need.
Can you access the chat history after the event has ended?
Yes. We export this to you and send you a transcript of the chat. We also send you chat statistics for you to use how you wish.
Can people watch my webinar if they miss it live?
Of course! All content is left online for a predetermined period for anyone who may want to watch.

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