Take your podcast production to the next level

Elevate your production standard with our technology and equipment, giving your audience the quality content they expect.

Studio Quality Audio

We work with your talent to refine their setup, ensuring it’s acoustically immaculate. Studio time is reduced with no compromise of quality with professional-grade technology from our podcast kits.

Crisp Video

New audience members expect visuals along with their audio. Our technology allows for remote recording of high-quality audio, cameras or webcams, allowing you to produce supplementary content.

Produce Remotely

We send your guests custom video feeds which means we can give them script, live video feedback, timers and much more on the screen in front of them. Full talkback allows you to produce them remotely.


We help you with getting the most out of your recordings. Isolated video feeds with audio allow you to produce social media content at scale so you can produce more quality content for your listeners.

Our Projects

Check out some of the podcast projects our team have helped to bring to the airwaves.

  • Red Bull

    How To Be Superhuman

What do you need to know

Everything you might not know about remote podcast production.

Can you record each speaker separately?
Sure thing. We can record separate audio and video feeds. This prepares your content for editing in post production.
Can I speak to my podcast guests without being heard?
Absolutely. We can ensure that you have the capacity to speak to all of your guests without your voice being recorded.
What equipment does my guest need to be on the podcast?
Essentially all they need is a microphone and headphones. We can provide you with everything you need in our podcast kits.
Can you help with editing?
We would love to! Our Post Production team can help edit and master your audio to get your production at it’s best.

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