Hybrid Events

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By combining elements of physical and virtual events we’re able to produce a reliable and captivating experience whilst also promoting environmentally friendly event production.


Assert your brand as a market leader by presenting your talent on a global stage to both live and virtual audiences, giving you the maximum potential to have your message heard.

Interactive Engagement

The ability to have your virtual audience or presenters seamlessly interact with your physical speakers promotes viewer engagement and brand loyalty.

Enviromentally Friendly

Your speakers and audience members are not required to take planes, trains or automobiles when attending or speaking at a hybrid event! This provided incentives such as reducing your event's environmental impact.


Our friendships with facilities worldwide ensures access to professional camera-operators and local studios no matter where your event might take you, giving your production the edge in a competitive market. Our high production value combined with your expert speakers means we are able to help you captivate your ideal viewers and exceed their expectations.

Our Projects

Check out some of the hybrid events we've helped put on.

  • Glassdoor

    Big Sleep Out

  • Gordan Ramsay

    Interactive Facebook Paid Event

  • European Carton Makers Association

    2020 European Awards

What do you need to know

Everything you might not know about producing a virtual event.

Does the in-person and digital sessions of a hybrid event need to take place at the same time?
Nope, a hybrid event offers flexibility in timing and utilises people’s availability efficiently.
How do you prepare the remote speaker?
Our team will arrange a one-on-one technical briefing roughly three days before the event, to make sure everyone is thoroughly prepared.
How do my panellists communicate with remote speakers?
The same way you would Zoom or FaceTime your friends at home, the speakers and audience members will be able to chat freely without interruption or feedback.
What if my speakers' internet is poor?
We can arrange backup internet solutions or assist you in finding an appropriate production space for them to ensure the best connectivity possible.

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