Reach a new audience and build your brand’s presence

We provide assistance to brands, organisations and agencies to develop and produce their own esports series. We are able to handle every aspect from booking teams to producing the live show.

A New Audience

Esports offer companies and brands an opportunity to reach a new audience. Our production expertise in the esports arena can help you attract and entertain new loyal fans.

A Team of Gamers

The Tell crew is formed from a generation of gamers, able to speak to both brands and auidences. We understand the appeal of esports and the importance of getting it right.

Professional Production

As esports rise in popularity, production quality rises with it. Tell has the ability to provide that professional grade touch to esports events that reflects well on everyone involved.

Event Organisation

From booking your teams, organising talent and coordinating the gameplay we offer a complete service, allowing you to focus on marketing your event.

Our Projects

Check out some of the great Esport projects our team have put together.

  • YOP

    Inaugural Yop Esports Championships

  • Super League Triathlon

    Zwift eRacing

  • Winner Stays On

    Tell Esports

What do you need to know

Everything you might not know about getting into esports.

What esports are played online?

Among the biggest esports right now are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty and FIFA. Other popular esports are League of Legends and Fortnite.
How do I organise a tournament?
Organising a tournament involves bringing together teams, casters (commentators), referees and observers (in-game spectators).
How long is an esports event?
Esports tournaments can take place across as little as one evening or as long as several weeks or months, depending on scale.
Where do I broadcast too?
Twitch is the key destination, the de facto network for gaming. Facebook is also good!

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