About Us

Formed by a group of friends who are as passionate about innovating as they are as having a chat, Tell is a solutions-based production company. Working with agencies, brands, organisations and with other production companies, we strive to provide accessibility, ensure value and help to entertain your audiences.

The Team

Our success is a direct result of the hard work of all the incredible individuals that we work with. We have a fantastic team made up of industry professionals with a wealth of experience, as well as rising stars in the industry. This combination drives our innovation, ensuring our sights are firmly set on the future. Get to know a little bit about who is working behind the screens!

Working at Tell

At Tell, we are big fans of championing new talent, grounding their practice and supporting their career growth with well-established team mates. We take pride in actively supporting our team in pursuing their interests. When people are passionate about their work, everything just gets better from there.

Interested in joining us? We’re always looking for passionate and talented people to work alongside us.
Drop us a line at work@tell.so to arrange a call.