Why does my event
need a platform?

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

July 29th, 2021

Build a platform for your brand!

What’s a platform?
The term ‘platform’ has many meanings in the English language; a platform is a raised stage for speakers, somewhere one waits for a train, the policy for a political group. But, when we at Tell use the term ‘platform’, what do we mean? A platform is your very own space to host virtual events both live and pre-recorded. There are pre-existing spaces such as Zoom but these differ from our platforms as we have the capability to facilitate much larger numbers and provide a multitude of features. A platform, built and facilitated by Tell, allows you to create a personalised site for your event that can withstand an unlimited and diverse amount of attendees and speakers alike.

An eye for aesthetics.
We are able to build your company a brand new platform from scratch. Not only will this platform be technically state of the art, but it will also be designed with your brand in mind. We are able to build a site that is visually appealing and true to your specific branding choices such as fonts and colours. We can include any and all of the features you desire to encourage engagement from the attendees of your event. With clearly labelled buttons, and the inclusion of images and videos, we can create a platform that runs smoothly and is easily maneuvered for accessibility.

For peace of mind.
We are able to provide a number of security measures, give you the opportunity to fully-prepare for your event, and ensure you have a thorough understanding of your audience. When working with Tell to execute an event, we provide a platform that gives you complete reassurance.

BEFORE an event we can provide your team with early access to the platform so that you can become accustomed to the space and make any adjustments you may wish.

DURING an event we can ensure your company is protected. For example, password-safe platforms are just one of the security measures we can provide.

AFTER an event we can provide detailed analytics and audience insights from your event. Using our dedicated domain Tellso.dev we can make sure your next event is even more successful than the last.

Having a platform for your event means you are able to communicate directly with your intended audience. Not only can we build a platform that represents your brand truthfully, but you are also able to keep the platform for any and all future events you may wish to hold. By working with Tell to construct the perfect platform for your brand, you are making an investment in all of your future virtual events and endeavors.