What We Actually Do

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

January 19th, 2022

The Clash of Creators football tournament in July 2021.

With Tell's growth over the past year, we’ve been able to hire more talent, and greatly advance the structure of our company. Where before we had the mainstream we now have additional branches such as dedicated Tell Content, Tell Arts and Tell Esports channels. In order to achieve such growth, we’ve had to ensure we have the right people for the job. However, with many different departments, we run the risk of confusing our clients. This week’s blog aims to lay out the company’s structure in the simplest terms. By the end of this blog, you should know what each department is for, what our job roles mean and who you can contact for your specific needs.

Project Management and Logistics
Our project management and logistics teams are the people that keep Tell running smoothly. They manage the budgets, bookings, recruitment...basically all of the admin. If you need to chat with someone regarding these sorts of queries, you’ll most likely need to talk to Tom, Juliana, or Jessie.

Tom Ellis is our director which basically means he oversees the running of the company. He is the founder of Tell and continues to work across all departments to ensure its success. He works closely with Juliana, our project manager who is responsible for all things organisation and income. Working closely with Jessie, together they make sure everything and everyone is where they need to be, ready for a job.

Marketing and Production
Our marketing team are responsible for promoting audience engagement, brand awareness and making sure all of our socials stay active. If you reach out to us over any of our social media platforms, you’ll most likely hear back from myself (Holly) or Erin. However, if you have questions regarding Tell-produced content, you’ll most likely need the likes of Kat or Jess.

When it comes to marketing I am responsible for coming up with exciting campaign ideas, scheduling and managing content releases, and maintaining relationships with the brands we work closely with. The Tell blog is my baby as I started as Tell’s copywriter, but now work across all of Tell’s content streams with cross-promotion on our esports and arts dedicated pages. I am assisted by Erin and Declan who create and post content to their respective main and Esport pages. This might be coming up with new post/social media campaign ideas or simply creating our weekly Spotify playlist updates.

As for the production team, Jess and Kat work really hard to manage the original content that we produce such as Tell Arts and Tell Content. Kat works across multiple departments to liaise and organise. Meanwhile, Jess puts most of her attention into original Tell projects as well as content packages tailored to a brand’s needs.

Events and Operations
The people who work in the operations sector are the individuals who you probably won’t meet until your job is confirmed. These people make sure that all of our projects run smoothly, taking responsibility for all things tech.

Alex heads the department and will have some involvement in almost every job we do. He will operate vMix on productions and live events, meaning he is vision mixing a live broadcast for an audience, and most of the time audio mixing, directing, and assisting with the content delivery to the platform.

The members of this team are the perfect crew for our clients, as they work to ensure all aspects of a project's technical components are understood by those who may not be all that tech-savvy.

Feel free, when you next reach out to Tell, to ask to speak to the team member who can best aid you! Or, you can email us generally at hi@tell.so and we will put you in contact with the best person for the job. No matter what department they work in, every single member of our team is friendly, passionate about their work and cannot wait to talk to you about your next project.