Tools We Use That
Help Fuel Our Success

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

September 23rd, 2021

What works for us!

Any good construction worker has a box of tools fit for getting the job done to the highest standard, and, likewise, any respectable company should have the same. However, instead of using hammers and wrenches, we utilise the best software and platforms available to enhance our performance.

Two of the most important platforms we use are Slack and These sites are fundamental for streamlining communications and giving us a centralised workspace. Slack is a messaging app purpose-built for businesses which allows you to organise teams and topics into channels. This eliminates the need for too-long email threads or group chats full of people who do not share your workload. Slack is a full-comprehensive workspace which allows you to chat, call, share files and connect apps such as Google Docs or calendars. As we have team members based all over the world, Slack allows us to be in constant communication when it matters. It even has a feature where it notifies you of time differences! is essentially a sophisticated to-do list which helps to collate and organise all of your workload in one space. With features to automatically assign tasks, set due dates and mark tasks as ‘done’ or ‘WIP’, is a digital planner that makes it nearly impossible to get behind on your work. We love here at Tell because we are able to view each other's workload clearly, making it easier to know who is available to help out and when.

We know it's no trade secret, but this blog wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Google applications we use. Namely, Google Drive and Google Calendar. Shared files and shared schedules are essential in ensuring the whole team has access to the inner workings of the company. Drive is great for sharing documents and working on one document as a group while watching your team members edit live. Google calendar is great because you're able to schedule meetings across teams and share details of each with whomever it may concern. Like many businesses, we use these google platforms every day when planning, brainstorming, editing... everything!

In terms of our events operation and working on various projects we employ a huge variety of professional grade equipment and software to ensure we deliver top quality services to our clients. We have worked hard to find the perfect mediums which allow our team members to work from home while still having access to the same tools they would in the office. Whether it's physical tools such as equipment or virtual software, we set our team up with everything they need to do their job and do it well. The above mentioned tools have helped us achieve a smooth and successful workflow across the whole company. Instead of spending months trialing softwares that may not work for you, we’ve decided to save you some time and recommend what we feel are the best options for growing businesses like ours.