The Virtual Event Wishlist

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

July 27th, 2021

Start planning your next virtual event!

All too often, when pitching the case for virtual events, too many people want to counter what virtual events are missing. At Tell, we are reshaping the conversation. We encourage people to stop seeing virtual events as a substitute, and instead consider them as a viable and fruitful option. When we are approached by clients, each one of them has a shopping list of the things they want from and for their specific event, so, we've compiled a list of all the things we are most commonly asked to provide. Who says you can't have it all?

Reliable wifi
One thing we always hear is concerns over wifi. What if there’s a lag? What if the wifi crashes? But at Tell, prior to your event, we run multiple tests to ensure your wifi is steady and stable.

Quality audio and visual
When it comes to audio-visual presentation, it can feel like an either/or situation. Either you have great audio or crisp visuals, never both. However, we refuse to make you choose. With a Tell assisted production, we can provide premium webcams and mics upon request to provide studio-quality audio and visuals.

Technical support
Running virtual events can be intimidating for tech-novices. However, at Tell we are professional tech wizzes and have operators with a wide range of skills and experience. We provide you with the reassurance and support you need by never over-complicating the process. We find out the level of technical abilities you currently have and work with you rather than overwhelming you with jargon that doesn't translate.

Social aspects
No aspect of social interaction needs to be sacrificed with the virtual format. We are able to facilitate ways for your audience to interact among themselves as well as engaging with your organisation! For example, we can provide a chat box, or break rooms specifically for audience members to relax and socialise as they would at any event.

Access to equipment
As mentioned above, the technicality of virtual events can seem intimidating. Especially when the equipment required can be complex and expensive. We can offer access to equipment at an affordable price by providing mics, webcams and whatever else might be required to put on the best possible production. We’ve even flown equipment overseas! We also have our own editing and streaming software, that helps us keep the whole process as simple as possible.

No restrictions on space
When putting on a virtual event, all too often your choices are limited by the space available to you, the maximum occupancy for that space and the facilities available. However, with virtual events there are far more possibilities than limitations. There is no need to scout appropriate venues, or pay ridiculous amounts to accommodate all of your attendees. Which brings us on to our next point!

Unlimited attendees
That being said, with a Tell virtual event, there is no limitation to the number of attendees or speakers we can facilitate. They can even all be located in different places all around the world!

Streaming across borders
Our ability to stream to multiple countries allows you to reach a massive range of people. Not only can you stream to any country, but we are also able to provide translations in-real-time. Let’s say we stream your event into 5 different countries, in 5 different languages, that's 5 new audiences engaging with your content!

Live performance
Everyone knows that it is the music that makes or breaks the atmosphere of an event. Luckily for you, we are able to host virtual events with live performers. We have been able to stream a live DJ set onto huge screens around London and can play your company’s preferred audio during your events to keep that brand identity front and center.

This list is absolutely non-exhaustive for what we can offer. To view our services such as webinar platform building, broadcast production, and hybrid events, visit the Services page on our website. Even if you don’t see what you’re looking for right away, click Contact Us. We love challenging ourselves by taking on extremely specific projects and requests. By harnessing the full team’s expertise and focusing all of our energy, there isn't a client’s request we’ve failed to make happen yet. Although one might initially think transitioning to virtual events means sacrificing important elements of interaction and quality, we know the truth; virtual events are extremely valuable and present endless opportunities for everyone involved.