The Ultimate Christmas Wish List
for Tech lovers

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

December 22nd, 2021

Get inspired!

When it comes to top notch equipment, our team know exactly what’s out there. Naturally, our tech-loving operators are constantly looking to upgrade their personal collections, as well as giving us tips for what to add to Tell’s company equipment that can make their job easier. With the help of the techiest minds on our team, we have compiled a list of the best equipment out there right now for those in technical production.

A Trolley
Not just any trolley though…a really good trolley. It's undeniable how much easier it makes travelling with a hoard of equipment and Watson swears by the Quechua Foldable Outdoor Transport Trolley which is the perfect size to carry 1 Vmix Machine Bag, 3 Monitor Bags, audio interface and random accessories, plus one other bag and room to fit up to 12 reels around the outside .

Sennheiser HMD26
This piece of equipment is an upgraded version of the HD25 with new features such as a microphone included, an improved fit and a guard for protection. Joey sings the praises of this headset for it's reduced feedback and a less bulky presence. While it's still an expensive piece of kit, retailing for around £450, it is a great piece of industry standard equipment that can make any operator's or Esports broadcaster's life easier.

Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2
This 3-in-1 camera has a great collection of new features and is made for 6k recording. This broadcast camera, while it does cost just under 4k, is more affordable than other versions that Blackmagic produce. One of our favourite features includes the focus and zoom features that can be controlled through the camera itself rather than with each individual lens, making for a smoother and more efficient experience.

Brainwavz velour/memory foam ear cups
Dave knows the value of comfort while working and has recently changed the ear cups on his work headphones. He uses the audio technica BPHS1 headset, which he swears by as best in terms of value/performance. Having said this, sometimes on long jobs, it can cause his ears to get sore. So, the addition of Brainwavz velour/memory foam ear cups have been a game changer.

Skaarhoj replay controller
For Alex, he’s excited to receive his Skaarhoj replay controller over the next few weeks. A purchase made by Tell, in order to train him up as a replay operator for our ever-increasing involvement in sports production.

There are many members on our team, like Caullen for example, who like to use technology in every aspect of their life. An example of this is Comma’s Openpilot project which Caullen has been following for a number of years. This open source self-driving platform that integrates into new cars is a tech-lover's dream and makes for a more relaxed and safer driving experience.

We are constantly trying to keep up to date with the latest releases, because, how else would we stay on top of our game? It helps that for a lot of our team, technology isn’t just a job but a passion. From simple pieces like trolleys to big investments like the openpilot…fingers crossed they receive those special pieces from their Christmas lists this year!