Tell’s Top Tips
for Producing Fresh Content

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

October 12th, 2021

Our top five tips!

So, what IS content marketing and why is it extremely important in this day and age? Essentially, content is the information that a company, brand, creator chooses to populate their websites or social media platforms with. Alley Dog defines social media content marketing as the following;

“Content marketing are methods by which businesses or individuals use their social media content to attract and retain customers or followers. Social media content models refer to the link between social media and content-sharing that occurs online on multiple social media platforms.”

Which is just a really fancy way of saying that if you post something and people interact with it then its content. That can be text, videos, pictures, audio files, anything! Writing and creating content is essential in this day and age for promoting your brand and encouraging interaction with your intended audiences. However, it can also be a pretty time consuming process. One that is often overlooked for the growth opportunities it can offer. Mailchimp highlights just how much content marketing matters on their Digital Marketing page. They state that 84% of consumers expect companies to produce entertaining and helpful content experiences which means if you don't, you may not be noticed by the majority of the market.

At Tell, we consider ourselves to be pretty savvy when it comes to content, whether it's from scratch or presenting pre-existing content for other companies. That’s why, in this blog, we will highlight the five most important top tips for producing fresh content that we aim to stick to ourselves.

It is extremely important that your approach to content creation is always evolving. This means you always need to be finding new ideas. Two of the best ways to do this are brainstorming sessions and market research. Get your team together once every few weeks to sit and brainstorm potential social media content and campaign ideas. A few brains are better than one and bouncing ideas off of each other gives an indication of how the content might be received. Secondly, market research. It can be boring and long winded but it's an incredible way to assess what content other companies are using successfully while also identifying the gaps in the market. That’s where you come in and fill those gaps with the content that you wish existed. Put that consumer hat on! New tech is being invented every single day and social media platforms are constantly trying to one up each other with unique features, so don’t be afraid to utilise those features and get creative.

Your content should be something that happens to your consumers, it should be created with them and for them. The more interactive your content the better as this encourages direct conversation with your intended audience. A great way to do this is to create content that invites the reader to take action. Another benefit to this kind of approach is how much easier it is to measure how many people have actually engaged with your content. Instead of counting ‘viewers’ which can often just be people that are clicking or swiping through, interactive content gives you a more accurate representation of your respondents.

Every single one of your viewers will process information and react to stimuli differently. Some people love visual content like videos and images, others prefer having something to read and, of course, a lot of people love a musical element. Your plans need to utilise a whole range of content types to appeal to a range of audiences. It’s also important to consider the platform you're posting to. For example, a lot of creators had to switch up their approach to content earlier this year when Instagram introduced reels and announced that their algorithm would push these more than its traditional photo content. Basically, know your algorithms and know them well!

Take a moment and have a look through your most recent content...can you honestly hand on heart say it's up to par? It is absolutely essential that when a consumer clicks onto your platform they can identify your brand right away. Your branding must be consistent across all platforms and it should be aesthetically pleasing. To achieve this, make sure all of your images are high quality and you’re utilising skilled illustrators for graphics. When your content is presented in a professional and appealing manner, your potential customers will expect the same of your services.

The first step to having a consistent stream of content is to sit down and thoroughly schedule it. Sporadic and random posts can be very confusing for your audience and can mean you lose a lot of followers or readers, especially when there's huge spaces of time between each post. There are loads of templates out there for social media marketing calendars and they’ll change your life! Once you’ve scheduled what content will go out, make sure that each post is planned in advance with captions and images pre-decided. It’s also important to know what you want each post to achieve- set out with a clear goal in mind. Your teacher wasn't lying to you when you were at's obvious when something is thrown together at the last minute whether it's your homework or a blog post.

Most people who have been raised in the age of social media, will have an inherent understanding of what ‘content’ means… or perhaps it's Tell’s line of work that has led us to be such content nerds. One thing that is clear is that the term ‘content’, to those who are not social media veterans, can seem confusing and there are still many who take for granted (or even completely ignore) the usefulness of having a good social media presence. Tell is more than happy to share what has worked for us and our clients time and time again when it comes to producing fresh content.