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Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

November 4th, 2021

Read with us!

For all the trials and tribulations that the past year brought, a lack of spare time was not one of them. It became harder and harder to put off re-organising an entire room, taking up pilates with a remote instructor, learning to bake a mean banana bread...or finally finishing that book you started two years ago. It's no surprise then that much like the general population, a lot of us on the Tell team have become regular book worms. So, we thought it might be fun this week to give you a snapshot of what we are reading at present! I dropped the team a message this week to get book recommendations straight from the source.

Tom - Agent ZigZag by Ben McIntyer
Hey Tom, what're you reading at the minute?
"I'm listening to Agent ZigZag by Ben McIntyer."
Listening as in an audio book?
"Yes, I like to multitask. I find it relaxing."
How’re you finding the book?
"It's alright. Was a bit tedious but now it's getting meaty. It's about a gangster, spying for the nazis but I guess he becomes a double agent."
So, is this your typical choice of genre?
"Yeah. war. Sometimes crime."

Juliana - A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
Hey Juliana, what're you reading at the minute?
"I just started a Brief History of Time!"
How're you finding it?
"I’ve read just 10% according to kindle but it's amazing so far! Just my type of book! I didn't imagine that a genius like Steven Hawking had a book talking about complex subjects in such a simple and interesting way. Its cosmology for dummies written by the mastermind of physics."
What made you choose to read it?
"It was a recommendation from Fred, my husband, because I loved Sapiens."

Erin - Dancing Girls by Margaret Atwood
Hey Erin, what're you reading at the minute?
"I’m reading Dancing Girls"
How’re you finding the book?
"Really enjoying it. It's a collection of short stories written by Maraget Atwood that just follow ordinary people in different places and their experiences in life. It’s a long one and I’ve only just started it but, I have this thing where I have to finish whatever I’ve started so I’m powering through!"

Dave - Mansa Musa
Hey Dave, what're you reading at the minute?
"I’m notoriously bad at reading, but at the moment I'm reading about Mansa Musa! I was working at Harlequins and talking to some of the black players about black history month and a really good bloke told me about him so i'm trying to find out more! Super interesting."

Joey - Doctor Who: The Writers by Russel T. Davies
Hey Joey, what're you reading at the minute?
"I'm currently reading (on and off) Doctor Who the Writers by Russel T. Davies which is quite fun!"
How're you finding it?
"It's alright, not too shabby. It's really interesting in terms of getting to read behind the scenes of such a big drama and revival."

Kat - The Good Immigrant by Nikesh Shukla
Hey Kat, what're you reading at the minute?
"I am very slowly rereading The Good Immigrant."
How're you finding it?
"Good, recently dealt with a client who was walking on similar issues. I had only read some chapters for educational purposes but I find that nowadays I prefer reading essay-chapter style books as you learn wider opinions outside of your own."

Jess - The Cambridge Introduction to Scenography by Joslin Mckinney and Philip Butterworth
Hey Jess, what're you reading at the minute?
"Nerdy but I’m reading the Cambridge introduction to scenography by Joslin McKinney and Philip Butterworth"
Amazing! How're you finding it?
"Really interesting actually and helpful for Tell Arts planning!"

Hopefully one of our team members has inspired your next read. There sure is a recommendation there for all types of readers. I, myself, am currently reading Daphne Du Maurrier’s Rebecca. Hey, there’s worse habits for us to encourage than an avid passion for reading, be that a gruesome thriller or a flowery romance novel!