Tell's Pets

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

March 1st, 2022

Our furry friends!

For this week’s blog I reached out to the team to find out who everyone’s furry friends are and we got some great responses. From cats and dogs to farmyard animals, Tell’s team has some very interesting pets!

Meet Juliana’s lovely boy, Gatinho! Gatinho translation from Portuguese to ‘kitten’. He’s a lover of cuddles and is famous for only having three legs.

I am also a cat mum to my 8-month-old kitten, Ronnie! Ronnie is a little too clever sometimes, going into the cupboard, retrieving a pouch of his food and plopping it into his bowl and meowing until I feed him!

Jess’ furry friend was a cat called Paul that she met in her second year of university. However, her name wasn't Paul at all but Smudge! Just look at her little face while she and Jess share a cuddle on the sofa!

The pets in Joey’s life are his family cats, Gypsy and Rose, who live back at home in Blackpool. They are both beautiful white Persian Chinchillas.

Kat has a whole host of animals back at her family home in Italy. At present she has 2 dogs, 2 cats, numerous chickens and ducks, a peacock or two, a turtle, sheep and their lambs, including one young sheep who had complications at birth. Hand rearing means she acts more like the family’s third dog!

Jessie also has two cats, Mia and Salem. Mia is actually a boy cat but this wasn't discovered until much later! Mia is 6 and Salem is still very young. He’s ‘crazy but loving’ in his mum's own words!

Now for the only dog who got a mention from our team, Digory. Digory is Tom T’s parents’ handsome King Charles Spaniel. He is apparently very skilled at being able to get exactly what he wants from his owners.

This blog was originally intended to be all about Tell’s pets but it quickly became about our feline friends. Perhaps it would've been more aptly named ‘Tell’s Cats’. Anywho, we hope the sight of the cuddly animals in our lives brought a little bit of sunshine into your day!