Tell's Healthy Habits

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

January 26th, 2022

Tom cycling in Southwold, Suffolk.

It can be really easy for the lines between your professional and personal life to get crossed, especially when you love your work and even more so when you’re doing it from home. For this week’s blog post I reached out to the team to see how they prioritise their health in this productivity-focused world we live in.

When I asked our team what they do to keep healthy, it was no surprise that many people told me about their exercise regimes. Juliana has managed to make it so that she exercises at least once a day, while Jessie also aims to practice Yoga once a week. For Jessie and Tom, exercise means regularly getting out on their bikes and trekking on local trails. Tom has even put us all to shame, having run the York marathon last year. Whilst, some of the team, such as Declan, prefer to exercise at the gym.

However, for other members of the team, including myself, exercise isn’t so much a priority. Erin and I are a little less active than the rest of the team but we do try and get out for a walk every day. I make a point to walk to and from my office to ensure I’m getting some fresh air.

Many people on the team ensure that they are eating right, and by right we mean getting all of the nutrients your body needs instead of cutting out certain food groups. For Juliana, she has made a habit of always cooking her own healthy meals from scratch. Her favourite thing to cook is rice and beans with almost every meal. For Erin, she makes a point to have at least one green food on her plate with every meal, and for Kat, she has recently cut down on her coffee intake. Most importantly though, Declan highlights how imperative it is to get enough water. Jess agreed, quoting 'hydrate or diedrate’. If there’s one thing you take from this entire blog, make sure to drink enough water today!

When it comes to looking after your health, it’s important to remember that it’s not just your body that needs taking care of. Mindfulness practices are just as important to value and will look different for everyone.

For Juliana she finds it essential to get enough sleep to be able to function well so she makes a habit of 8 hours of sleep a night. For Erin, she schedules frequent phone breaks to cut down on scrolling and to engage in other, more important things. Similarly, I have tried to stop going on my phone before bed, instead opting to read for an hour or so and wind down. My mindful practices are really important to protect my own inner peace and so I have set myself a goal for 2022 to begin journaling my emotions and thoughts.

Lots of our team members have also highlighted the things they do in their free time that keep them happy. Jessie swears by dancing as a fun and enjoyable exercise. She also finds spending time with her cats is great for her well-being. For Kat, she’s making time to get back into reading the poetry that she loves.

While conversations about healthy habits lean towards discussions of exercise and food, it’s important to remember that your mental health is equally as important to actively take steps to look after. Everyone’s healthy habits are different and different things work for different people to help them perform at their very best. Some takeaways that are essential for everyone - get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and look for one good thing in every day.