Tell’s Alexander Banks:
from behind the camera

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

October 19th, 2021

Alex at a BLM protest in London, 2020.

Outside of his work for Tell, our Events Operator Alex is an incredibly talented videographer. We pride ourselves on having skilled and experienced team members who come from a range of backgrounds. Alex has been a videographer since 2018 and has captured footage from some of the most impactful events over the past few years, events that are sure to make history while our Alex documents it.

Most of the footage Alex has captured since he began has been of quite a serious nature which is no surprise when we consider that both Brexit and COVID-19 have been prominent in headlines and day-to-day life. It's no surprise then that some of Alex’s fondest jobs have been those which cover lighter subjects.

“It was great to meet the world-famous Larry at Downing Street!”

Alex also reflects on how fun it has been to attend Comic Con and London’s annual pantomime horse race as a news shooter. However, this job, like all others, has its challenges.

“Sometimes you can be waiting somewhere for a whole day and get nothing but luckily in my case that's been a rare occasion.”

Alex highlights how making friends with other news shooters and networking can often mean sharing information and knowledge. It also means you often have a friend to chat to at events! Longer events such as protests are almost always a full-day’s work. In early 2020 Alex covered the BLM marches in London including the very first George-Floyd related action outside of the US Embassy. Before that, in 2019, he covered the Extinction Rebellion two-week movement.

“October 2019 was a challenge as there were actions everywhere and it lasted 14 days but it was definitely worth it.”

Alex’s footage even bagged an exclusive at this time, but news shooting isn't just work for Alex, it's a passion. Combining his flare for shooting non-scripted footage and keen interest in current affairs, Alex felt naturally drawn to the industry.

“One request for some event coverage got the ball rolling [then] my first sale - which was a pleasant surprise - was to UniLad and that just motivated me to cover more and more events”

When he isn't operating for Tell or hosting Esport tournaments, Alex is travelling the country capturing momentous, moving and sometimes even amusing pieces of history.