Sustainability in the Office
The Tell Promise

Sophie Burton
Sophie Burton

May 6th, 2022

Our gallery in York.

In this week’s blog, we’ll be sharing some of the core components of our company’s mission to help us operate as sustainably as possible. Here at Tell, we’ve committed ourselves to working towards becoming an environmentally-friendly workforce and we do our utmost to promote sustainability beyond the realm of just our office, but also in our field-based work, and to our clients too.

You’ll soon be seeing some fantastic social media coverage explaining our sustainability policy and we’re in the process of putting together a brand new page for our website, dedicated to our environmental promise. We’re extremely passionate about sharing this process and our policy, to spread awareness of the need for sustainable behaviour beyond our activities, on a more public level.

At Tell, we couldn’t be prouder of the diverse ranges of experience and background of our team and we’re lucky enough to have so many wonderful workers and projects spread across the globe. Part of our promise includes a commitment to enable and encourage remote working. We already promote the use of fully remote and hybrid production across our central team and our productions but also to our clients and external projects.

Coming hand in hand with our championing of remote working is our promise to reduce unnecessary travel across our staff. We encourage our staff to minimise their travel and advocate the use of alternatives such as video or phone conferences, or utilising email wherever possible. When travel is necessary we strongly promote the use of public transport or car-sharing to reduce carbon emissions. Obviously, as a large amount of our work is international and with such a wide range of project locations, travel is sometimes essential. Therefore, we pride ourselves on ensuring we are efficient with travel, dedicating a lot of time to effective journey planning and only sending the core team that are required to a location, promoting a hybrid approach that incorporates virtual support wherever viable.

Additionally, part of being in the technical production industry, comes the need to have appropriate technical equipment. For this reason, our environmental promise includes pledges surrounding our attitudes to equipment, such as a commitment to attempting to repair before replacing, responsible disposal of old equipment through recycling, repurposing and reusing, and ensuring new product purchases allow consideration for energy efficiency and consumption. We know that as an industry, technical production can often have a high turnover of equipment, but we see it as our responsibility to maintain an ethical and sustainable attitude, to ensure as a company we are doing our part to serve the environment.

In addition to our project-based work, our efforts are also applied to our office operations and our policy outlines the steps we will take to create an eco-conscious office environment, such as limiting single-use products and reducing energy consumption as much as possible.

However, as well as taking all the steps we can to ensure our office and project operations are as sustainable as possible, something we’re really excited about here at Tell is sharing this process and these actions with our clients, our readers and our followers. We  endeavour to encourage our employees, freelancers and clients to act with awareness and promote an environmentally conscientious attitude to all that we engage with. In spreading the word we hope, as a result, to encourage others to act sustainably.

By making our policies and our processes as transparent and as open as possible, we aim to inspire a sustainable attitude within more people, and create a dialogue surrounding the responsibility we all share to hold ourselves accountable for our actions in relation to the environment. As a business, but also as individuals we are aiming to fulfil our obligation to our planet and plant seeds for a better future, and we are of the opinion that our commitment goes beyond implementing sustainable working practices, but also raising awareness and encouraging that same behaviour within others. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming content outlining our sustainability promise, and to continue instigating conversations about eco-aware working habits on our social media platforms.

Finally, as part of our dedication to maintaining this promise, we have built in a commitment to revisiting and reviewing this policy into our pledge. We will review and ammend our agreement annually in consultation with our team members and incorporating the latest guidance from leading environmental agencies. We know that over time as the world, and as we as a business grow, this commitment will continue to change. Not only do we accept this, but we are actively encouraging that development as a central part of our promise to foster an environmentally-conscious workforce, acknowledging that every year, our commitment will look a little different.

To us, this policy is not something that will be written and then forgotten. We are confident that it will form a core part of our company’s developing identity and hopefully, as we continue to grow, we will also be able to spread awareness about this important topic. We’re honoured to be listed by albert, who are leading the way for instilling a standard of sustainability in the production and broadcasting industries, as a certified sustainable supplier. Tell are thrilled to be able to share these promises and this process with you and we couldn’t be more proud of the dedication and enthusiasm that our team meet us with on this issue and we look forward to continuing to develop and share our evolving sustainability policy over time.