Scaling Webinar Productions

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

June 15th, 2021

Grow your business

Scaling webinar production or, in other terms, getting more people to see what you’ve got, is an exciting prospect. However, scaling up can be quite intimidating, especially if you're unsure of how to support so many new attendees. It can be tempting to stick to what you know. If it isn't broken, right? But, lets not forget that the growth of your business is vital, as is company recognition. It can be hard to dispel doubts - what if you gather hundreds of people into a single Zoom webinar and the whole system collapses? That's exactly where we can offer our help. We work with companies to provide reassurance. Reassurance throughout the planning process, reassurance that your webinar can be executed smoothly, and reassurance that our platforms will represent your brand authentically. But, first thing’s first, how exactly do you scale a webinar?

Scaling a webinar essentially means increasing your virtual presence and, consequently, the size of your audience. In business, scaling-up is essential. According to an article by ASME, businesses and brands that can scale rapidly will ‘remain market leaders’, and hosting events are a way to do just that. You use your choice of platform to host the webinar and we will run it smoothly. Or, alternatively, we can work with you to create your own bespoke platform, built by us from scratch, where you can host your event with custom data analytics and a sleek user interface.

After the platform has been selected, all you need is a relevant topic, an engaged audience and some highly-skilled speakers. To help to guarantee yourself an engaged audience, visual presentations can be incorporated into your event. Providing a presentation can be done quickly and easily, and you don't need to worry as we can present visuals in high definition, offering simple ways to maneuver through your slides. In fact, when you consider that 90% of the information your brain transmits is visual, you’d be silly not to include one!

Though it may seem a daunting task, scaling up can actually mean you are able to work more efficiently, saving both your time and money. This is just one of the beauties of running virtual events. When increasing capacity at an in-person event you often need to order and supply more materials such as seating, food, leaflets etc. On top of this, you may even need to increase your infrastructure. With a Tell facilitated webinar you needn't worry about either, as our team is made up of well-equipped, experienced operators and developers. Our developers can create a successful event for attendees, speakers, and of course, organisers. Compared to live events, virtual and hybrid webinars at a large scale can save your company money while simultaneously expanding your global reach.

The best part about scaling your webinar is that it helps you to create a buzz around your company, brand or event. It means garnering a much bigger audience, reaching potential attendees all across the globe rather than just your local demographic. Tell has the potential to facilitate a nearly unlimited amount of attendees and over 100 speakers, ensuring your webinars are a roaring success.

Scaling your webinar production with Tell is efficient, cost-effective and a great way to grow your presence. We work closely with your company to bring your vision to life, supporting your ever-growing brand by elevating your online productions. Increase your demand by growing your company and its audience with Tell’s webinar service! A webinar that is supported by Tell is one that maximises the time spent interacting with your audience, offers outstanding technical support, and helps you to build brand awareness and loyalty.