Our Story

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

January 4th, 2022

Chris and Maris in our first office!

For the past year we’ve shown you how we do what we do, who we are and all sorts of informative advice. However, as we ring in 2022, we thought it special to bring you something a little different. This blog is the story of how Tell came to be and what we’ve achieved so far!

The story of Tell begins with our director and technical producer, Tom, fresh out of university. Tom did not take the start of his career lightly, jumping on the next flight to Brazil within weeks of his graduation ceremony. It was here that he worked on the World Cup, immersing himself in the art of sport production and earning himself a reputation in the industry. It seemed that he had found his calling in the world of sport...until the industry was halted by a global pandemic. But Tom is nothing if not a resourceful man, one who was able to call in his connections and make use of the equipment around him to begin exploring the world of remote work.

Tell started from Tom’s bedroom where he ran small-scale, virtual pub quizzes and esport events. However, it was the convergence of multiple brilliant minds that was the making of Tell as a company. Picture that classic superhero archetype. The one where different superheroes, who up until this moment had all worked individually, come together and combine their strengths to save the world. Now, swap out superheroes for highly-skilled tech nerds...that’s Tell.

The first official Tell employee was the absolute power-house that is Maris. She came on board and took on the role of project manager before there was anything tangible to manage. Next to join the team was one of Tom’s fellow Ravensbourne alumni, Chris Villota, who had been sleeping on Tom’s sofa for a while before they decided to go into business together. Around the same time Tom and James Watson became connected over LinkedIn and after spending some time chatting about football projects and their shared hometown in Suffolk, Watson came on board as a Technical Producer. Soon our team had grown to include a network of freelancers who we work with regularly. There’s Caullen and Edgar who joined the team after meeting Tom in a Canadian hostel. There’s Tom T who had worked with Tom E on his first ever outdoor broadcast. There’s Erin, a student who manages our socials alongside her study. Now the team has grown immensely, with ten people at the core and an extended team of at least thirty...too many to name here. However, there is an ongoing ‘meet the team’ blog series to shine a light on all of the incredible people who work with and for us.

Tell had their first official job running a 4-day conference for a private bank, and in that same year, made moves in the industry by offering one of the first hybrid events. Today, we are still providing innovative solutions in technical production, putting out fresh and original content, and continually making sure the industry remains accessible and friendly.

In 2021 we have recruited more talent, and sent crews all over the world from Japan to Qatar. We worked with independent businesses, charities, organisations and prominent brands such as Facebook and Red Bull. We launched our own content production in the form of Tell eSports and Tell Arts in April and July respectively. Throughout the year, our specialism in remote events helped numerous companies and organisations to operate as usual, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. From corporate webinars, to virtual media press conferences, to moving school assemblies online. We were able to assist numerous clients in adapting to the ‘new normal’ when at first it felt overwhelmingly impossible. 2021 has been a huge year for Tell. A year where we pushed ourselves to take on bigger and better projects.

We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings.