Our September-October
Tell Newsletter

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

October 27th, 2021

The September-October Newsletter

This past month we’ve seen the days get colder and the weather get rainier as we approach the halloween season. At Tell, we’ve had another great month of working on fascinating jobs and we are ready to give you the rundown!

Introducing Kirill
We are happy to introduce our newest York-based team member, Kirill Yurchev. Kirill has come on board as our new Kit Assistant and will help to keep our team and our space spick-and-span. Kirill is a University of York grad specialising in sound design/audio and has put together his own recording studio in his bedroom and has been working on scores for local theatres and shows. He is now doing a music production/audio engineering MA which will further specify his knowledge of the sound design industry. It’s no doubt that Kirill’s fantastic organizational skills and familiarity with technical equipment means he's a fantastic addition to Tell.

It's all Fun and Games
After a long period apart, the Tell team...those based in the UK...finally were able to get together and let off some steam. A group of us trekked to the nearest karting track and had a friendly set of races. Friendly but extremely competitive, leaving some sore losers when James Watson was crowned this year's champ.

Lasty, we at Tell want to wish all of our clients, team members and collaborators a very spooky halloween! On our team we have some great costumes planned - The Mad Hatter, Shrek, Shaggy from Scooby Doo, Dwayne Johnson from that viral pic. Keep an eye out later this week for our special Halloween-themed blog.