Our August-September
Tell Newsletter

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

September 30th, 2021

The August-September Newsletter

As a company that is constantly growing and evolving, we always have a lot to talk about. Team members are travelling across the country to various jobs and the office has different faces in and out everyday. In this month’s newsletter we will be revealing new projects and introducing new members!

New Faces
This past month we have welcomed two new team members into the fold. Jess Ault and Declan McCann. Declan is a new member of our social media team whose main responsibility is working on the Tell Esports social media platforms. Declan has come from a background that works closely with events companies on their social media and, with a passion for gaming himself, we are confident in his ability to take our socials to the next level. Jess, on the other hand, will be our newest events operator. She is originally from Derbyshire where she worked as a ski instructor but moved up north to study at the University of York. As a friendly and bubbly individual, Jess will be fantastic in this customer-facing role. We are really excited to introduce both Declan and Jess to our team!

Our Work
We have worked on a whole range of events over the month. In early September, our events operator Alex was mixing a live awards show in which he facilitated dozens of attendees, including presenters, nominees, and award winners. This meant ensuring the whole event ran smoothly while also mixing in pre-recorded VTs.

A couple weeks later our producer Kat supervised another job for a leading corporate client that ran over two days, with 12 speakers and their panels. This was a complex job with a lot of moving parts to juggle, one which we were able to execute successfully. We were even able to implement a range of extras such as studio set-ups for each speaker so that they could call into the office from their homes and have access to that ‘back-stage’ experience.

New Projects
We have also launched one of our most anticipated outreach projects so far. It is one that we have had in the works for a while and are extremely excited to be able to announce. Over the coming months we will be working closely with universities in our surrounding areas to offer placements and training programmes for up and coming talent in the industry. Please keep any eye on our newsletter and socials in the near future for more exciting information regarding this project!

As you can probably Tell (excuse the pun) it's been another busy month over here. Honestly, we wouldn't wish for it to be any other way! Our new office is coming along nicely with the new additions of a ridiculously oversized bowling pin and an old London traffic light. Hey, if you've got extra space, why not fill it with disproportionately sized inanimate objects?