Our 2022 Industry Forecast

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

December 31st, 2021

Our latest predictions!

A couple days ago we discussed resolutions, and the personal developments our team is planning for the year ahead. However, today’s blog focuses more on the developments we expect to see from the industry in the next year. In 2021 we saw huge changes in the way production teams operated, with the majority of companies finally recognising remote production as a viable and reliable model. Our team has a fantastic breadth of experience in technical production and so we have made our own tech industry forecast for 2022.

Post-pandemic Working
It wouldn't be possible to write a blog forecast for the new year without mentioning the effect that COVID-19 is having on the industry. We at Tell expect to see the current climate to have a direct impact on the way production teams work. Companies will have to find ways to enhance their workflows and communication between those working both in and out of the office, as we persevere with uncertain, and sometimes, critical conditions. This may mean increased flexibility on working schedules, and efforts to facilitate full group meetings, despite operating accross different locations.

Going Global
Not only do we expect remote production to continue to dominate the industry, but we anticipate it going much further afield than local and national audiences. We predict that the industry will see a rise in remote production teams working around the world, creating richer content that's much more diverse.

Social Media Presence
As businesses and brands begin to operate in more virtual spaces, there is no doubt that they will start to see value in a curated social media presence (if they haven't already). Social media campaigns and online marketing strategies have really proven their usefulness in the midst of a pandemic that has forced people into virtual spaces where they may have been hesitant before.

4K Resolution
We’ve seen that 4K resolution has now become the norm in any industry setting. As we head into 2022, it only makes sense that we will see 4K and HD prioritized. That's why we have and will continue to invest in the best, most advanced technology out there that can support 4000 pixels and beyond.

Rising Budgets
According to Visual Capitalist, in 2021 the film and TV industry saw skyrocketing budgets by production companies. In theory this is fantastic, better viewing experiences, access to wider audiences and professional-grade equipment. However, we don't want to undervalue smaller, up-and-coming indie productions. It is for this reason that as we head into 2022, Tell will continue to provide accessible, quality services where we work to our client’s budget.

More Diversity
We really do hope to see a rise in the diversity of representation across the entire industry. That is, more equal numbers of POC, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and disabled people. Here at Tell we are gradually working towards employing more and more women, who are notoriously left out in the industry, especially in the technical side. This year we have hired more women as operators and now have a core team which is nearly fifty percent women.

Another very valuable aspect of diversity is regional diversity. Too often opportunities for technical production are exclusively marketed to metropolitan hubs such as London and Manchester. As a company based in Yorkshire we hope to help make the industry more accessible for the masses.

One thing we know for absolutely certain is that remote events are only going to continue to skyrocket throughout 2022. Tell’s operators are itching to get going on another year’s worth of exciting, innovative and entertaining virtual and hybrid events. Head on over to our website tell.so and visit our services page to see how we might be able to make that virtual project you’ve been dreaming about happen for real.