Meet the Team: Kirill

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

November 25th, 2021

The man himself!

Kirill Yurchev
Fave Food
Fave Song
Slow Jam by Four Tet
Spirit Animal
Hrs of sleep needed to function
Between 2 and 14 hours

This week we are introducing you to one of our newest team members, Kirill, who is now Tell’s kit assistant.

Tell us a little bit about your journey into the tech / production industry.

“I set up a little recording studio in my bedroom to do scores for theatre shows in my second year of university and then started using it to make electronic music. At some point, as I got better and better at using the studio, I developed more of an interest in professional audio and mixing and decided to specialize in the field after completing my undergraduate degree at the University of York.”

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received in life?

”You’ve got the whole of your twenties to mess around and experiment with ambitious things; you can always get a desk job in your thirties” – My Dad.”

Tell us a little bit about your personal/professional development goals and how Tell is helping you to achieve or practice them?

“I’ll be sound designing for the Tell-produced show of Sam Steiner’s ‘Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons’, which will give me an opportunity to get back to doing work on a theatre production, which I haven’t done since graduating uni. Professionally, doing kit inventory for Tell gives me an opportunity to learn about the way technology is used in broadcasting and this knowledge won’t be limited to just audio equipment anymore. My eventual hope would be to learn how to do live sound for events and Tell may provide me with opportunities to practice those kinds of skills in the field.”

What mythical creature do you wish really existed?
“An honest politician.”

What film do you think would be a good musical?


We are very excited to have had Kirill join our team and can't wait to see how he progresses during his time with us. Kirill is a great asset to the office space, always being helpful and friendly with everyone and always has a wacky story to tell. His attitude to taking on new tasks and learning has ensured that our office team all feel supported!