Meet the Team: Jess

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

January 18th, 2022

Jess at Heslington Hall.

Jess Ault
Fave Food
Dumplings in any way shape or form
Fave Song
Write it on Your Skin by Newton Faulkner
Spirit Animal
Bin Chicken
Hrs of sleep needed to function
A chaotic 8

What is your role at Tell and how long have you worked with us?
"At Tell, I’m a Producer, and a project lead on Tell Arts. Simply put, I help Kat manage the chaos. I’m also directing the Sam Steiner show “Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons, Lemons” for Tell Arts. A lot of my time is spent setting up our various projects, talking to clients, and doing about 5 different production roles for our first show- we’re working with a very small team."

Tell us a little bit about your journey into the tech/production industry.
"I’ve always been drawn to the creative industries, and I studied Theatre at the University of York which is where I met Kat. I directed anything they’d let me (which ended up being 8 shows), and I found that I loved the managing aspect of creative projects. I got a message from Tom shortly after I graduated asking if I wanted to work for Tell, and I basically leapt at the opportunity to work in any kind of creative industry, so I came on as an events operator. Initially, it was scary because I didn’t have any experience with the tech at all. It had been my plan at uni to get tech trained, but because everything was moving online, those roles no longer existed. When we finally did get to do shows in person again, we needed more experienced techies so it just never really happened. I managed to muddle through it all, but we found that my experience with management was best used in production, which brings us to now!"

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received in life?
"Don't have meetings that could have been emailed."

Tell us a little bit about your personal/professional development goals and how Tell is helping you to achieve or practice them?
"I really enjoy the freedom of working with Tell. I came on as a very confused operator and was somehow trusted to set up and run Tell Arts. Hands-on, live shows are where my heart is and I’ve been completely left to my own devices with it, which has been super enjoyable. When the pandemic hit, we suddenly saw a lot of professional theatres become very accessible both because of the move online and because of a reduction in price. This is something we’re keen to keep doing for our shows because I think theatre, gigs, stand up etc should be accessible to anyone anywhere, and not just those who can afford the trains, hotels and tickets. I’m trying to learn more about accessibility and how we can use Tell’s tech to give audiences at home the best possible experiences."

What mythical creature do you wish really existed?
"I want the Alebrijes from Coco to be real. Specifically the flying jaguar, she’s cool."

What is your favourite meme?
"Crap Taxidermy Fox. It’s the best."

Jess has been a vital addition to our team and is a real pleasure to work with. She is incredibly reliable and leaves us confident that if you message asking her for something, it’ll be done for you as soon as is possible. We are really looking forward to seeing how Jess shapes Tell Arts as her creative project.