Meet Tell’s Operators

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

May 14th, 2021

Tom, Chris and Watson

Tell is big on creating a friendly work environment. Our communication, camaraderie and ability to work efficiently as a team, despite the fact many of us work remotely, is what ensures the services we provide are of a consistently high standard. We are, however, all very much looking forward to meeting up once COVID-19 restrictions lift, with BBQs galore. In the meantime, to give you a better picture of who we are, and who you may be working with in the future, we have put together some introductions!

First up is Tom! Tell is Tom’s creative vision come to life, intended to make professional-grade productions accessible from all corners of the globe. Tom proves that you can turn what you love into your career and has made success as both a proficient networker and all-around tech wizard. From building his own computers, to independently maneuvering networking systems to deal with troubleshooting, Tom’s ambition and initiative knows no bounds. As a self-titled ‘vagabond’, Tom is always eager to jump on the next flight to a lesser-known destination, immersing himself in cultures different from his own. His goal for 2021 is to make his way back to Brazil, and his life-long dream is to be able to have made a friend in every country.

Next up is Chris! As one of our senior technical producers, Chris ensures operational success with our key clients. Having grown up between Colombia and South London, he is trilingual in Spanish, English, and much of London vernacular. He is a strong believer that the most interesting part of life is meeting new people and sharing stories. Chris’ experience in the media industry is characterised by his work on a wide range of events including the 2012 London Olympics, the 2014 Commonwealth Games and 2019 Pan American Games. Chris is brilliant at connecting with people on a personal level and puts clients at ease as he traverses his favourite topics, most notably that of Tesla stock prices and the ever-changing value of property.

Please also meet James Watson! Commonly referred to by all of us at Tell simply as ‘Watson’. James’ passions lie with the arts, sports and technology and he’s sure to spend a day off bouldering, attending Norwich City football matches, or attending the newest musical productions. Watson plays a vital role in the company as he drives and implements new production solutions, keeping us ahead of the curve. From Suffolk to London, and sometimes somewhere in between, Watson remotely leads many of our new projects. Currently he is heading our multilingual streaming project, and is working on partnering with local theatre companies to move their productions from stage to (computer) screen.

We do hope that you now have a better idea of who we are as individuals and our values as a company. Please don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with any of our senior technical producers, once you get them talking about an event’s technical potential, they won’t be able to stop!