Is the call for content
squashing our creativity?

Sophie Burton
Sophie Burton

April 13th, 2022

Tell’s Top Tips for falling in love with Content Marketing all over again.

At Tell, like the majority of businesses operating in this day and age, we recognise the power of social media as a digital marketing resource. It’s impossible to deny that as this form of marketing expands, the demand for content just keeps growing and growing. To put it simply, if you can’t keep up then you risk being left behind. So what does that mean for those who are tasked with creating it? Does the rising level of demand mean that somewhere along the line creativity will be stunted, lost in the sea of algorithms? Is it possible to continue with the same level of enginuity when the demand for content is so constant? Join us as we delve into the challenges brought by this growing demand for content and try to establish if and how creativity can be kept alive?

Let’s begin with a quick refresher on what content actually is and why we need it…

The Content Market Institute puts forth the definition that:
‘Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.’

We use content to maintain engagement with our target audiences and to encourage further interaction with the services or products we provide. Content can take many forms, ranging from photos, graphics, videos and so on. The list is endless and as time goes on, content formats continue to evolve.

Content may be time consuming but ultimately it’s proving itself to be invaluable in growing and promoting your company. But don’t just take it from me, according to the Content Marketing Institute, ‘Content is the present - and the future - of marketing’. So, if you’re not keeping up with content you might find consumer engagement becomes a thing of the past. Consistent content is the key to modern marketing.

The problem we’re currently facing is that we’re tasked with creating more and more content at a faster rate than ever before. However, volume of content isn’t the only obstacle! In order to  maintain good engagement statistics you need to have a regular stream of content that is of high quality, varied in format, original and eye-catching, functions across different platforms and also encourages interaction and engagement… so not a lot really?

Obviously we’re kidding! We completely understand that keeping up with content can be quite stressful and actually a little daunting. There is a fear that the volume of content required and the pressures of all these demands could kill the creativity at the heart of the best content and it’s a very reasonable concern. It can feel like you’re juggling a million criteria whilst still trying to keep imagination alive.

At Tell, we pride ourselves on providing and creating top quality content and we believe it is possible to balance the call for content and creativity. The requirements of good content marketing primarily fall into five categories ; frequency, variation, originality, quality, and interaction. Frequency is the issue that stifles our creativity but the answer to that problem, we believe lies in the other four categories. If the creativity for content is flagging, try to remember that content shouldn’t be a chore, it’s an opportunity to sell yourself to potential customers!  I think it’s fair to say we’ve all felt stuck in a rut at one point, and though pressure can sometimes inhibit creativity, parameters and rules can also provide inspiration.

Here’s our top tips for when you feel the inspiration for content is drying up:

Don’t Be Scared To Shake Up The Format
Variation of content forms and platforms mean that though the frequency of content required is high, you don’t need to be doing exactly the same thing all the time, in fact, we recommend that you don’t! Having variety in the form that your content takes means that everything you're producing is a little bit different rather than being an endless loop of the same thing. If you’re struggling to think of a creative idea for your usual style of content, why don’t you try something new and different, shake up your usual blog for a video every now and then.

Being Original Beyond Your Content
Originality can be a scary concept, but if you’re struggling, it can be a good place to start. Originality isn’t just about your content, it’s about you as a business. Tackle that creative blockage head on by going back to what makes your business different. What’s your USP? What makes you special? That’s the kind of thing that can shape your content.

Stay True to Your Brand Personality
Maintaining a consistent brand image and style is crucial to good content marketing, but it also can be something helpful to fall back on when you’re trying to create. Look at the other content you have, what is the style, where can you go with that? Nothing kills creativity like staring at a blank canvas. You’ve already got a brand personality, use it to inspire the content you’re producing and to find the best opportunities for difference and change. It’s much easier to think of ideas when you have somewhere to start from, and guidelines to situate yourself in.

Encouraging Interaction
Finally, interaction.  Ultimately content is for the consumer, and knowing what the consumer is most engaged with can tell us what we should continue doing. Polls and Q&A’s are popular because they add an element of interaction for the consumer, they can see that the business is more than a graphic on an instagram feed. If you’re at a loss for content inspiration, see what the consumer wants, what are they most engaged with, what’s getting the most interaction and how can you use that to your advantage in creating new content?

Collaboration Breeds Creativity: You’re Not Alone!
If you still feel like you’re at a loss of where to go, it’s important to remember you’re not alone in this, content creation is becoming an industry of its own and there are specialists who can help you market yourself in the right way. Here at Tell, we offer content packages at three different tiers depending on the needs of your business. We’re happy to help and offer services for those who don’t have the time to create content themselves, ranging from blog posts, infographics, and even customised spotify playlists! You can also utilise the people you have around you. Your team members know your business better than anyone and the only thing better than one creative mind is two! As the demand for content grows, having more voices involved in the creation of content means you don’t have to singlehandedly be the anchor for all creativity, ask the people you work with for their ideas and opinions, get them involved in the content you’re putting out there.

Reframing the battle
Rounding off, we just want to say, it’s okay if sometimes you feel that creativity is fading, it’s perfectly natural when you’re in a state of constant creation. But if we take these requirements for good content and view them as methods of tackling the content vs creativity battle, you might find that the volume of content feels less of a burden and hopefully you’ll find yourself falling in love with it all over again.

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Author: S L Burton