How to Host the Best Virtual
Office Christmas Party

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

December 14th, 2021

We'll show you how to host from home!

As a company with team members stationed all over the globe, virtual get togethers are no stranger to the Tell social calendar. Hosting parties and events online is our bread and butter, therefore we are best placed to help companies achieve flawless virtual events when there’s little other option. Right now it's work party season, and there’s no reason to let distance stop you from having a good time. In this blog, we outline the best ways to ensure your whole team has a great party experience despite being at home.

Make it Interactive
It's important to ensure that your party feels immersive. Your group needs to be having so much fun that they forget there’s a screen of separation. Promoting interaction between your team members is the best way to achieve this so have a read below for some inspiration.

Introduce a pub quiz section where people compete in teams with a prize at the end sent over email.
Organise a scavenger hunt where each person has to find different christmassy items around their house.
Have music that everyone can listen to. Why not set up one channel purely for the audio and share a playlist that everyone can contribute to in advance.
Pick out a secret santa in advance of the party and have the presents posted to the recipient of each gift for a communal present opening at your virtual party.
Utilise break out rooms for smaller group chats, away from the main hubbub of chatter and music.

Do something a bit different
A fun way to take your virtual christmas party to the next level is to try and include unique workshops or activities. It is a good idea to reach out to local artists and businesses and see if they’re willing to work with you to provide a new experience and add something a little different to this year’s office party. Here are some ideas of what you might offer.

Virtual crafting workshops where an artist facilitates. This could be pottery, sewing, painting, anything!
An online cocktail making party, assisted by a bartender.
Invite a dance coach to come and do a funky dance class with your team.
Why not cook together? Lead your team in making some sort of dessert together and then all sit and indulge once it's cooked.

Don't forget the food
For us here at Tell, we are a big group of foodies so, this section is for those like minded individuals who can agree that Christmas just wouldn't be the same without loads of tasty grub.

If your party budget allows, a great idea is to give everyone some credit to order a takeaway meal on the company’s wallet. This way, everyone can order their food to arrive at the same time and can sit down for a team meal. Why not label the party ‘BYOB’ (bring your own booze) because what is a christmas party if not seeing all of your coworkers a little bit tipsy?

According to EVENT ‘66.5% of eventprofs plan to use hybrid as their go-to format once in-person events resume'. This means that for some companies virtual parties are likely to become the new normal. Or, at least some level of virtual production will. The benefits of operating this way are evident - no colds spread round the office, a flexibility on date and time, a great way to bring everyone together (without breaking the bank) and a less intimidating time for those who might be experiencing social anxiety. Virtual parties maintain a sense of team spirit in today’s post-covid landscape and we believe in remote events as a viable and necessary way of operating, so, go ahead and start planning yours today!