How Accessibility is at the
Heart of Tell’s Virtual Production

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

June 8th, 2021

Work from anywhere no matter your circumstance

In an age where everything is virtual, there are many obvious benefits to this new way of working, including increased accessibility. At Tell, we use the word ‘accessibility’ a lot, and so we think it is important to define what we mean by the term. Accessibility is one of the central pillars upon which our company was built, in a bid to ensure everyone could access high-quality technical services and production. This blog is dedicated to outlining how our remote production services can offer a more geographically, physically and financially accessible option.

When we talk about accessibility nowadays, it is commonly understood as the measures put in place to meet the needs of people with disabilities, be they mental or physical. At Tell, we want to make sure the work we create is clear, practical and easily received by everyone no matter their capabilities. It is for this reason that we offer a range of options when it comes to our broadcasts. We are able to provide closed captions, live BSL interpreters, and audio transcripts of any events we help to produce. We are always looking to learn from our events and develop our practices, and so we welcome prospective clients to approach us with any specific needs their audience or organizers may have. We will work closely with you and dedicate our efforts to meeting those requirements.

All too often, opportunities are sacrificed as they are not geographically accessible. Not everyone can afford the cost or time commitments of traveling. However, we strive to work across borders and make our work accessible to everyone no matter where they’re based whether it be in rural Lincolnshire, Buenos Aires, or Hong Kong. On top of this, there’s no need to worry about language barriers. Across our team we speak 10+ languages and are, therefore, able to work in a way that makes sure you are completely comfortable. Additionally, we are able to provide live translated streams so that your own virtual events are accessible to a wider audience.

We are also aware that the tech industry can be quite alienating with expensive equipment that can be difficult to operate without practice and training, but we pride ourselves on offering affordable services that do not sacrifice quality. As so many of our team members work remotely themselves, we are able to slash your production costs hugely.

We are dedicated to prioritising access for both the clients we work with and in the work we create for them. Providing equal opportunities and access is extremely important to us. Though we currently are focusing on physical, financial and geographic accessibility, we also have plans to work closely with our local universities to expand access to this strange and wonderful industry for the next generation of technical producers. We believe that virtual and remote events offer a multitude of possibilities to cross barriers that have historically limited people’s experiences and opportunities. We are committed to changing that narrative by continuously finding ways to make our practice more accessible for everyone.