Clash of Creators x MIND

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

July 22nd, 2021

Clash of Creators x MIND

[TW: Discussions of mental health and mention of s*icide]

Nothing brings a community together quite like football can. In fact, according to The Overtake, the 2010 World Cup was played in every country in the world, including Antarctica. Football unites people across borders year after year, and the sense of community fostered over the shared support of a team is near-unbreakable. It is no surprise then that charity football matches can be a fantastic way to draw attention to current issues and good causes. Football, mental health, and Youtube. Three things you maybe wouldn't immediately string together in a sentence. However, Clash of Creators is about to bring each element together, resulting in a funny, competitive and heart-warming event.

Clash of Creators is one of the first YouTube events to combine both in-person and online audiences since COVID halted, well, everything. At Tell we couldn't’ be more thrilled to be involved! New Waves, Who Dis? (Waves for short) have curated a lineup of some of the most athletic, entertaining, and promising young talent right now. Some of the best known faces on YouTube will come together and form teams in this thrilling new football tournament. Creators such as W2S, Romell Henry, Morgz, Jaackmate and many many more will be competing in the name of charity. As one of the UK’s leading talent and management agencies, Waves have not let us down! Organised alongside YouTuber Callum Glanville, the event will raise both money and awareness for the mental health charity Mind.

Mind is an incredible charity whose expertise and support span across all mental health issues. All of their efforts go towards destigmatizing talk of mental health and working to ensure access to support for those who need it. When you consider that 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health problem in our lifetime, the work they do is nothing short of life-changing. MIND continues to promote empowerment in those experiencing MH issues while fostering understanding in those around them. Undoubtedly, their work is essential.

Clash of Creators is a friendly-yet-competitive football tournament between four teams of Youtubers. The teams will play in a knockout format with a penalty shoot-out determining third place, and a final to determine the Clash of Creators Champions. This event will have both in-person and online audiences, with Tell delivering all virtual aspects. We will provide full broadcast coverage including Graphics, Replays, 4-camera coverage, commentary, presentation and analysis. The entire 5-hour event will be streamed live through Twitch, giving you the full football match experience from your bedroom.

With this group of 50+ influential men coming together for this Clash of Creators tournament and openly supporting Mind, the message this conveys is immensely important. According to the Movember official site, across the world one man dies by suicide every minute of every day. This is because of toxic masculinity which is defined by Healthline as ‘​​an adherence to the limiting and potentially dangerous societal standards set for men and masculine-identifying people.’ For example, men or masculine-presenting individuals may feel they cannot cry for fear of looking weak and/or receiving criticism. This has led to a society in which, oftentimes, men do not feel comfortable to reach out for help, nor do they feel fully supported when they do. A group of young men coming together in the name of MIND is an incredible step in normalising conversations about mental health, especially in younger generations. Over half of the creators participating have upwards of 100K subscribers to their channels, some even have over 1 million. Quite frankly, the reach this event will have is incredible and the message it communicates is inspiring.

It is for this reason that we are honoured to come on board and help execute such an event. We have worked hard to ensure that our practice and work patterns promote healthy mindsets for the members of our own team. Our remote ways of working allow for flexibility and personalised routines. We also ensure that the projects our team are working on, are ones that they are passionate about and can bring their all to. On top of this our accessibility provisions are consistent and provide everyone with the opportunity to have fulfilling experiences. Wellbeing is essential to our work, as it is to all workers in any industry. Mind has even got a whole section dedicated to this mental health in the workplace to help reinforce this idea. Tell’s commitment to prioritising the mental health of their employees are echoed in the company's values of Innovation, Efficiency, Integrity, Accessibility and Approachability.

Clash of Creators will commence on Sunday 25th July 2021, from 12PM to 6PM BST.

For in-person tickets at the Aveley Football Club Ground click the following link:

To watch the live Twitch stream for free, tune in below sponsored by Deep Silver.on

As always, donations to Mind are not a must, though are deeply appreciated.