Bringing The Theatre Experience
To Your Front Room

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

September 16th, 2021

Let Tell bring your virtual production to the many.

One thing we love to boast about at Tell is how the passions and interests of our team influence the work we create, and it is this philosophy that has driven us to embark on a project in theatre production, led by the brilliant James Watson. Watson dabbles in theatre with his am-dram group the Ilford Operatic Dramatics Society, and offers many of his professional-actor friends technical support that would, ordinarily, be outside of their budget. Our production coordinator Joey also has a love of theatre, and our copywriter Holly is a theatre graduate. On top of this, our new recruits Kat and Jess are also graduates of theatre courses. Creativity, innovation and performance are at the heart of many team member’s practices! With an eye for the dramatic aesthetic of theatre and the technical skill required for film, our team couldn’t be more qualified to execute our Project Theatre.

But what exactly is it we are proposing, and what services can we offer? Our services are well-suited to artists wanting to create virtual theatre with limited resources or technical experience, as well as to established companies and venues. We seamlessly fit into your theatre space or studio to compliment your technical crew, making sure your performance is streamed and recorded to its full potential. By taking responsibility for the technical elements of your event, we are able to help you deliver a professional-grade virtual production to a live audience. So, how can we guarantee you the best bits of theatre without all the travel and lugging around of equipment?

Our technical ability is profound. One of the main issues with virtual theatre, as it exists now, is the lack of finesse. All too often while watching an online performance you spot actors turning their own cameras off, or pressing play and pause on their music. Our technical ability means we are able to provide you with outstanding service and even better results! You tell us how you want your production to look and we'll help you produce the smoothest show possible. Not only is this process easier for creatives, but it's also more efficient as it requires no rigging, no crew and only 1-2 hours of prep time. Yet, none of the excitement of live performance is lost as we work closely with your stage manager in real time as they feed us your cues.

We support your artistic vision. One of the best things about our theatre production service is how we work closely with the creatives to ensure we execute their vision just how they pictured. We are able to offer incredible features such as a director’s ‘Multi View’ which means that, even on just one screen, you are able to watch all of the actors equally for the delivery of performance notes. You can even enhance the audience-performer relationship with our help hosting post-show discussions and live Q and A’s with actors.

We promote accessibility. Virtual theatre production is a much more accessible option for a number of reasons. Financially, our remote production is more accessible for creatives as you don't have to be experienced theatre veterans to put on a professional-grade performance. The reduction in equipment and production time means we are a much more financially viable option. In turn, creatives can lower their ticket costs for greater audience reach; many people perceive theatre as an entertainment medium that’s usually financially inaccessible. We believe that everyone in the creative industry should work to make the performing arts more inclusive and available to wider audiences. You are no longer limited by time and space when it comes to virtual theatre. Your viewers don’t need to travel to access quality productions as we are able to broadcast over any distance and time zone.

Finally, we can adapt your live-stream for people with audio-visual impairments. We are able to include live BSL feeds, closed captions and audio descriptions on any and all projects we work on to ensure your entire audience receives the full theatre experience.

Our new theatre production project makes life easier for both the creators and the consumers of the arts. Not only can you watch theatre from your front room but you can now create it, too!