5 Reasons Remote Production is
Here to Stay

Holly Cowley
Holly Cowley

June 29th, 2021

Remote working is the future

“Productivity is about purpose and process, not place” - Adam Grant, Author

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, everything went remote, and at first it was quite the adjustment. However, it became clearer and clearer that this new way of working allowed new and exciting opportunities we couldn't have dreamt of before! Attending your school assemblies from bed, or tuning into virtual events hosted half-way across the world, translated in real time. Remote production has opened up new experiences and has broken down barriers. As the world starts to return to normal, here are a few reasons why we at Tell think remote production is here to stay.

Remote production provides the perfect opportunity to work more flexibly. Your crew is not tied to one specific place, nor do they have to spend time travelling in order to complete a job. As a result, Tell is able to operate multiple projects in a single day! As the work day becomes less stringent, employees can take breaks without feeling guilty, and are able to work in a space that feels most comfortable to them. In every way, remote production leads to increased productivity.

Affordability is undeniably one of the most attractive aspects of remote production, and, honestly, it benefits everyone involved! Travel is reduced, time is used more efficiently, resources are centralised and there’s no need to transport specialised equipment. As the production costs are reduced for the company, so are the service costs for our clients. It’s a win-win!

Communication is the make or break of a company and there’s nothing worse than having to wait on someone before you can make your next move. With remote working contact is made fast and easy. You can literally send messages in an instant and receive a reply a few seconds later. By streamlining the communication of a team, the work created is of a much higher quality.

Remote production really opens up the pool of potential employees for a company. As applicants do not need to be based nearby, or even within travelling distance, there is a much higher pool of individuals to work with. Not only does this apply to the UK, but it is also relevant to the whole world. Remote production has meant we are able to work with experts from the other side of the globe, gaining new perspectives and ways of working.

With remote production, scaling your company has never been more achievable. With centralised resources and no need for increased space, growing your company is easier than ever before. Not to mention much less daunting. In fact, we have a whole blog on how we can help you scale your business and reach new audiences.

This list is in no way comprehensive, but we think these 5 factors are what really make remote production special. With the opportunities remote production has revealed, there’s really no reason to return to the solely in-person way of working that we knew before. With great quality live broadcasting, professionally produced hybrid events and bespoke platforms, every aspect of remote production provides the potential for time and money to be saved and great connections to be made.